North Bedfordshire Ramblers

Walking Programme

Saturdays 6th February to 28th May 2016


Meeting times



Please note North Beds group start times are 13.00 in the Autumn/Winter (after clocks go back) and 13.30pm beginning of March to end of October. Some walks in London or elsewhere may a have special starting time. These will be on the programme but if in doubt ask the leader.





Please make sure that you are fit to undertake the walks. Always wear suitable footwear and clothing. We always have a break so please take refreshments. Our walks are generally between 5 - 7 miles, longer walks (if known) are shown in the programme.


The group voted at our AGM and the committee has agreed that, because of problems in the past, dogs are not allowed on our walks.


Ripple dates


Tuesday 16th February, !5th March, 19th April and17th May. Check with Barry Ingram for more details. Call ( 01234 353 704 or walking@masasafish.com)


Hope you like our programme and enjoy walking with a very friendly group.


New Members


After a few walks with us we hope that you will join the Ramblers and support its campaigns on our behalf. You will receive the quarterly Walk magazine and 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor when showing your membership card. (10% discount is also available at Go Outdoors, Bedford if you show your Ramblers card). Once a member you can walk with any Ramblers group in the UK. To join the Ramblers you can get an Application Form from the Membership Secretary or you can use the web site www.ramblers.org.uk. This is the source for most of the Ramblers information.


Please quote ‘North Beds Group’ as your choice of group when joining. You can access our walking programme on the internet but once joined you can request our programme to be sent by email; contact the group General Secretary with your email address. For further information on the North Beds Group please contact the group General Secretary.



See other Ramblers groups in Bedfordshire - look on their web pages to find their walks:


Ivel Valley Walkers www.ivelvalleywalkers.co.uk walks most days

Lea & Icknield via www.ramblers.org.uk walks Sunday and midweek

Leighton Buzzard www.lb-ramblers.org.uk walks Sunday and midweek